Saturday, August 29, 2009

Can't Win!

I feel so bad because a friend sent me two cards with gifts inside. I never received them in the mail. I know it is hard during mail transition when you move, but I don't know what to do. I can report both to the post office, but I don't know what they will do, if anything. Scares me to know I am not getting all of my mail. Hate it more that she's out the gifts inside.

I'm still trying to recover from the swine flu. My system has been weakened from it and systemic lupus hasn't helped. For the past two days I have been unable to accomplish anything. I can't function physically or mentally.

Lord, please take this illness away!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The End Results

When Prissy woke me up this morning, I didn't realize how bad I felt till I got out of bed. I ran into the bathroom door, weaved up and down through the hallway and kitchen. I feel like a truck ran over me and backed up.

The cough is still there, but so much better. Not all gone yet, but I think the swine flu is on its way out. From the weaving and dizziness, swollen, joint pains, etc., I can say lupus has taken over. If only my body would learn to fight illness instead of itself! That is the nature of the lupus illness. The Lupus truck ran over me once again.

Still have boxes everywhere in the back bedroom and mine, and the hallway. There was a time one weekend would have been enough. Now if I finish this in a month I'll be doing great.

Back to bed.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Update

It has been some week! Moved, boxes everywhere, and then come down with swine flu. I haven't felt this bad in a long time. High fevers of 102 for hours on end, coughing non-stop, sore throat...this stuff is miserable.

First time I went to the doctor was to see my rheumatologist (who treats the lupus). When they took my temperature, it was 102. They spent the remainder of the time walking around me, setting up a chest x-ray, and blood tests/flu tests. My doctor said if the test came back negative, he would talk with someone to find out why I was having so many infections. I have had a terrible lupus sore in my right ear for two weeks. I went in with pain and walked out with pain.

Went for the tests. Blood test turned out to be a blood culture. Involved several bottles of blood. My doctor waited upstairs till the results came back. He even pushed the lab. When I walked in the door, phone rang. Said my tests were negative for flu. Said to stay in bed and drink plenty of liquids. Just amazed me. I was running a high fever and had all the symptoms, went in totally miserable, and they did nothing. No meds to soothe my pains, get rid of the fever or stop the coughing. Nothing. And did not talk with anyone to find out why I was having so many infections.

The next day I was so miserable I decided to go to another doctor, one who treated more than lupus. They did another flu test and it came back positive. He said sometimes the virus hasn't had time to show up enough to be detected on the test, sort of like a pregnancy test. By Thursday, it was there. He gave me tamiflu, told me what to take for the fever and gave me something for my throat. By Friday I was feeling better. Gave me an ointment to heal the sore in my ear. It is slowly helping, but the pain, redness and infection are still there.

Sometimes I wonder about doctors. Are they so busy trying to avoid what you have that they fail to help?

I am a huge believer in tamiflu now. Still coughing and having stray fevers, but nothing like it was.

This morning I unpacked a couple of boxes before I was worn out and went back to bed. This stuff really wipes you out.

Rascal and Prissy love this place. Friday night I found Rascal's balls and tossed them around. I haven't seen him play like this since he was a kitten. Was quite entertaining. Prissy has wandered out of the bedroom if only for a moment. She has won again...her food is in my room.

I realized Friday how dull everything was. I have no color in my living room. Wish I had the gift of decorating, but I don't. Can't paint the walls so color must come from other things. My furniture is just a lighter shade of the carpet. Didn't notice places had been repaired until some of the boxes were unpacked and removed. Will need to get a rug for the living room.

I had to wash clothes today as my basket was overflowing. It was so nice to walk down the hall a few steps just to wash instead of sending the basket down a flight of stairs and having to drag them back up when clean. I'm thankful for so many things. I also found out my old neighbor's boyfriend got out of jail this week. I got out just in time.

I just hope and pray some day before this life ends, I can live in a house of my own in a safe place.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Counting Down the Days

Still packing. Amazing the stuff you accumulate over ten years. Sandy helped me pack tonight and last night. Almost finished with downstairs. Just a few things in the livingroom. Two rooms upstairs next.

The heat is intense here. Heat index was 106 today. This place is an oven even with the air on. Also has caused another flare. I feel so sick! Just have to hang on till all is moved on Saturday. It is the transferring of electricity, phone, etc. that is time consuming.

It hurts just to type. Looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how swollen I was.

Neighbor next door now has a friend who joins her for the smoke fest. Last night they almost suffocated me! Won't miss that. Just hate the lady is pregnant and smoking. I've told her the dangers, but she doesn't care.