Monday, October 19, 2009

Bad day in the ER

I spent the day in the Emergency Room Sunday. Severe chest pains, throwing up, abdominal pains. Since I have that aortic aneurysm below my heart, they took me on back. It seemed to be fine, but all the symptoms lead to it. My white blood count was way through the roof. I had chostocondritis, inflamed ribs. Every one was so inflamed it felt as though I was having a heart attack. Connected to lupus flare. I just can't seem to stop being sick lately. Since I moved, I came down with swine flu two days after, severe lupus flares for two weeks and now the chosto. Sent me home with MORE meds! Just what I needed.
As always, the ER was a bad experience. Wish they would understand the word "emergency." Lingered in the triage room while two nurses were talking about other things. One was teaching the other. Asked for my meds list and realized I didn't have it. Told them I have Medic Alert and my number was on this bracelet. Offered her the info. No one ever asked for my meds again.
After asking a hundred questions, hooked me up to machines, took an x-ray of my chest, brought me back and left. No one came in for two hours. Had to ask the nurse to get a doctor. Begged for pain meds. Finally after four more hours, pain meds came. My heart monitor kept going off as "ahrithmia". No one ever came in to check it. I asked a nurse, who finally brought pain meds, why no one was checking it. He didn't say a word. No one ever explained what was going on, I had to ask for test results before I left, and this was the clincher of all. Doctor said I had a through the roof white blood count. Asked if I had a possible kidney infection. I told him I had systemic lupus. He replied, "Well, Duh! That's what is causing all of this."
When doctor said I could have ice, I asked for it. He wrote the request on the chart. Had to beg twice for it before they brought it in an hour or so later. The second time, Sandy's sister went out and bought a large cup of ice. I had asked nurses station twice within the two hours and they never responded. I know it may sound petty, but when you're strapped down with things hooked up to you in extreme pain, the least they could do it bring you a cup of ice.
I would have stayed later if I hadn't reached the point of being tired of sitting up in a bed with no one doing anything. I could hurt at home as much as there. I called and told them I want to go home. He came in and said he'd sign the papers. That's when I asked what the test results were. I could barely stand up to get in the wheelchair when leaving.
This is suppose to be the GOOD hospital of the two in Dothan. So if you're having chest pains and sick sick sick, call an ambulance. You'll have a better chance.
I sat up for hours last night because it hurt to lie down. I'm breathing some better, but the pain is still intense. Can only keep down liquids, too. Will be a long haul.

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