Thursday, October 15, 2009


Rode by the old place on Laurel the other day. Seems they are gutting the place. There was wood and debris everywhere on the front lawn. They needed to rip out so much, get rid of the mold, and rewire the whole place. Hope they do the latter.

Upsets me that they did nothing while I lived there. I had to live among the floors falling in, ceiling falling down on me, bad wiring, extreme mold in the bathroom, no insulation, bad air/heat unit always breaking down, among so much more. Ten years of it. It reached the point I had to beg for someone to fix the broken pipes underneath the place twice. Why?! There's no excuse for it.

Landlord has over 30 properties, but is bad about keeping them up. Sad to know he's on a top committee in the Dothan government.

Noticed two new vehicles were in front of the other side. Seems the woman who smoked me out of there has moved already and someone else has moved in. She lasted about four months. I'm thankful I moved though. It would always be the same. I'd never know who would move in (i.e. the drug addict two years ago). Never felt safe after that.

I know you reap what you sow, but I surely would like to see the reaping. I'm never there to see it happen.


I've lived in Dothan for a long long time. Moved here after I returned from KY (college) and worked here. My self esteen has taken such a beating over the years that I don't feel like I'm alive anymore. The people here are so society/class oriented yet claim to be devout Christians. The two don't go together.

Every job I've had over the years has been an experience. My teaching years were wonderful with the kids. I loved them. The parents....well, most were typical.

If you ever want to lose your self esteem altogether, work in a church. I did twice. The society/class people are members of the churches. They step on you very hard. My second church job involved two ministers who single handedly made me feel like a nothing.

Living in a quiet neighborhood in the Historic district was needed, but I couldn't stand the neighbors after a few years. I lived next door to an obsessed animal hating preacher. He was a manipulator and did all he could to destroy me because I stood up to him and wouldn't let him walk all over me. He's one I want to see "You reap what you sow."

The woman on the corner was the neighborhood gossip. Retired elementary teacher, she didn't have much to do except stay in other's affairs. Teamed up with the preacher, they did a lot of damage.

The neighbors behind me never associated with me until the woman came over to ask me not to feed the cat in my backyard. When she stepped inside, you'd think she had stepped into a void of poverty. I've never been so disgusted with neighbors.

Christmas and Thanksgiving came and went. No one knocked on my door to even wish me a good holiday. They knew my family had all died and I was alone in the world. They just didn't care. I did wish them happy holidays. I did make the effort.

I never bothered anyone. Stayed inside or in the backyard most of the time. Spoke when I was spoken to. Never bothered a soul. Yet, I was literally destroyed in this neighborhood, a place where they didn't even associate with each other. I was so afraid I'd pass out in the yard and be left there till someone else passed by the road and called for help.

If you know someone planning to move to Dothan, AL , I'd advice not to. If you are high society minded, come on. It is a perfect place for you. Southern hospitality is a myth here.

I am so very thankful to the handful of people who have been kind to me. They are the treasures here.

If I could afford to move out of this town, out of this state, I'd do it in a heartbeat. But I'm stuck among the muck. I'll never understand why.

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