Monday, November 30, 2009

Thinking about Youth

Have I reached the age where I've turned old? I wonder sometimes. I find myself giving advice to teens. GO TO SCHOOL! You'll have to work all of your life. You'll have plenty of time for marriage and kids. There's ALWAYS a way to go to school. I DID it without parents' help. You can, too.

I get back responses like "My boyfriend never wants to get married" which translates to "we're going to live together and have whatever kids pop up." Teens still believe it won't happen to them. They don't realize they CAN have better if they really want it. They just have to work for it because nothing is handed to you.

I've also encountered something else: teens who have to worry about whether they have a place to sleep at night, food to eat, a SAFE place. These are 17-18 year old teens. They should not have to worry about things like this. They should be enjoying life, enjoying their senior year in high school, planning for the future. Instead they are struggling because they have nowhere to go, no one to believe in them, no one to direct their steps.

There is nothing worse than having no one believe in you. There is nothing worse than being unloved. If you have someone who loves and believes in you, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Things don't matter. Look around and remember those teens you see.

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