Sunday, November 8, 2009

You've Got to Be Kidding me!

He said "It is Sunday and I can play as loud as I want. I pay rent and won't turn it down." Of course, I said I would call the cops, but he didn't care. So I did. He's Spanish. Not sure if he understood everything I said so I would let the police tell him.

When I was heading over there, two small chickens came out of the bushes. My friend had seen him with them earlier and he told her he was raising them. Now I live in an apartment complex with over 100 apartments IN TOWN. There are two chickens running around in the bushes, sidewalk, parking lot.

Police came and talked to him which seemed to help. Left the chickens though. I called Animal Control. The recording told another number to contact on weekends. I was told there was no animal control officer on duty during the weekend and I would have to wait and call them tomorrow morning. What was the number for then?

There are still two chickens running around in front of my apartment. Not something to see everyday. Wish the Animal control would come and rescue them before someone runs over them!

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