Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Nice Treat and Getaway

Thanks to a wonderful friend, a friend and I were able to go to the beach for a few days. He and his wife have a time share on the beach and were unable to go. Since it was paid for, they offered it to us. Was so nice to be able to spend time away from Dothan. The waves have such a healing property to them. I could sit on a balcony and let those waves wash away all the problems in the world, the pain in my body, the illnesses I fight on a daily basis.

It was terribly cold on the beach. While walking, picking up shells, etc., the wind cut right through my jacket. It was so bitter cold that I found a hat before going out again. When my fingers thawed out, the pain was intense. I can't remember fingers feeling like that before. Good thing I don't have much feeling in my feet.

Walking back to the condo, I passed the outdoor pool. Two seagulls were taking a bath. I stood there watching them for a long time. They didn't let me bother them. They just enjoyed their bath.

If I could go to the beach once a month and sit among the healing waves, what a wonder my soul and body would behold!

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