Thursday, April 22, 2010

Same old stuff

Somewhere in Dothan there is a happy drug seller. Last night when I took a walk around the parking lot, I saw a guy come down and search around between the seats in his friend's car. The friend had come in during my first round around the parking lot. He, too, was searching for something in the same spot. The guy who lived there was very jumpy and afraid I had seen something so I abliged him. I stood there watching him and wouldn't budge. He finally decided to go back upstairs after speaking to me. He knew that I knew.

Friend's car was a typical dealer's car. Black with chrome trim, fancy rims, etc. I wrote down everything including the tag number. Remembered what the two white guys were wearing. After I ended the walk, I headed inside as I walked a different route than I normally do. Didn't want them to see where I lived. They had been watching me from the window.

Called the police, reported what I saw and included the car description and tag. Watched out the window. Twenty minutes later the cop car passed by, didn't stop, just kept going. So I called back.

"If passing a drug car is their idea of dealing with drug problems, I'm not surprised at the flood of drugs in this town," I said. Told the dispatcher what happened. Her solution was take down the info AGAIN and send him back out there.

Half an hour later, no cop. The dealer drove off with no problem.

THIS is what happens in Dothan. This is why I would give anything to move. How I pray God will bless me with the finances I need to move. The stress here is killing me. Anyone who has lupus or knows someone who does knows stress is the one trigger that activates the disease and does the most damage.

I "Scream" help!! No one hears. I think people have becomes so uncaring that they listen only to those who belong to their own families. If you're alone, you're out of luck.

Lord, prove me wrong, please. Send someone to help me.