Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sick Sick Sick!!

Need I say More? I'm so tired of being sick! Just got over third round of sinus infections, bronchitis, lupus that order. Now I'm back to lupus flares from being exposed to the heat. It is already in the 90's here with high humidity. Summer always makes me so sick. I can handle winter better, but summer activates my lupus and I can barely function. I'm stuck in bed. Hard to concentrate to read when the meds you're taking make you so tired and spaced. I've dropped my book so many times I can't keep up which page I was on. I don't remember the next day what I read the day before.

My joints are so swollen it hurts to walk. Turning over in bed hurts as well. The air has to run a long time. Two fans go in my bedroom. The meds raise my body temperature. I'm so tired of being sick. Another reason why it would benefit me to move out of the deep south and back to KY. The brick wall remains....cost.

Since my hands are now swollen from typing, I must close the post. Still holding on and praying for a miracle, an open door to move north.

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