Friday, August 27, 2010


Last night I slept long enough to have a dream and actually remember it. I dreamed I moved to a house, a small one with two bedrooms and one bath. IT was so quiet around the house, no others close by. Standing in the kitchen I could look outside the window while washing dishes at the sink. It was a picture window or at least it was to me, for the picture was trees, flowers, birds, squirrels and everything made by God. There was a small screened in porch on the back. Rascal loved it because he could smell the fresh air and still be safe behind the screen. An old swing was the only furniture on the porch. It was the only thing the porch needed. When I walked outside, I saw a vegetable garden in the back and flowers all around. There were peonies and hydrangeas, rose bushes and wildflowers everywhere. On the small front porch were two rocking chairs. I sat outside when the day came to an end and watched God's hand bring the night sky to life. It had been so long since I was able to see the stars.

Now if only this dream would come true...

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