Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dying from the inside

Before anyone asks what this has to do with lupus, the stress has caused a tremendous amount of flares which have caused internal damages that are irreversible.

Here's another update...the sewer pipe was washed out and repaired early Monday morning. This was after a backed up toilet, sink, and tub for a week. Now I've got another situation. If I ever needed the power of your prayers, it is now.

When I moved in, there was an Hispanic family in the section to the left of my apartment. They are still there. I had an encounter when he was blasting music from his place and I asked him to please turn it down. He acted like a jerk and chewed me out causing me to have to call the police. The next day the office manager told me he had gone in the office complaining about me. So starts the battle. He has tried to run over me twice while I walked to the mailbox, lied about my actions to the front office, etc. The latest occurred Wednesday night when I was on the computer and he was yet again blasting his car stereo out in the parking lot. This time I could hear it all the way through my apartment. So I walked five steps outside my door and asked him to turn it down. He just threw up his arms and walked away. I walked back in and slammed my door. The noise literally makes me physically ill.

Now everyone hates it. No one will say anything because they know she won't do anything but make them feel bad. A lady's son did go the Monday after that police incident and complain about him, but she told me I was the only one.

Today the office manager comes to my door and tells me he complained about me again and I was given a warning. I brought up about the no loud noises in the lease and she says, "Whose to say what is a loud noise and what is not?" I told her it bothered me and that should be enough. I told her the city even says that is a loud noise because there is a city ordinance. I explained how this makes me sick and the only problem I have with the guy. I'm always nice about it and he's a jerk. I never say a word otherwise. I'm the one getting a warning (which goes down in my file) and he gets to do whatever he wants. Now this for asking the guy to turn down his music.

In November, they had chickens in a 100 apartment complex. There are three senior adult apartments around his and he had chickens in the yard. NOT good. Then he put them in cages so tight they weren't even able to move. So I called Animal control. I couldn't let animals be abused like that. I asked them NOT to use my name because of the way the office situation was. Turns out the city has no law about barn animals so it took some getting around to get the animals out of the complex. Ridiculous. There was chicken poop on the concrete walkways underneath his place where people were walking. It was just nasty. She said the chickens weren't doing any harm to anyone and he could have kept them. I just thought what a nasty situation. Oh yes, they told the office I was the one who called animal control.

There was a Hispanic couple upstairs from me for about six months. They had parties every week. When I was outside sitting in my area, they were smoking marijuana and I could hear the guys coming out ordering drugs, watched the men drop off the drugs and take the money, and go about their business. I asked about the guy upstairs, but she said it was only one. I knew there were four others. She doesn't want to deal with people so she doesn't.

The girlfriend parked her car in front of my bedroom window on a Saturday morning and turned the music wide open while she washed the car. I went outside and told her to turn it down. She got mad, ran up the stairs and slammed the door. The next day I get a warning for "harassing" the girl. Was also told I "Harassed" the company the guy had. We spoke in passing because they were always there. So now there are TWO warnings in my file. One for harassing the girl and his friends and the other for telling the guy to turn down the music.

I've never had any kind of problems like these before. When you're a quiet person, live quietly, and a good life, you never ever expect someone to hit you like this. I told her I'd move today if I had the money. She said she didn't want me to move, but I told her she had to stop scarring my record over this petty stuff that wasn't true.

So now my nerves are a mess. I was already sick this week from stress and this just topped the cake. My doctor always says your environment will help or hurt your condition and right now this environment is killing me. As for prayers, I just keeping asking God to help me. I so wanted to live life to the fullest before I left this earth, but this place is going to take me out feet first before I get a chance to do so.

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