Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One step at a time.

I read this statement on a wall today. It was about being unreasonable. "I had a friend who had a $200.00 ticket to England and she offered to sell it to me. I wanted to go! I didn’t have $200.00 but that didn’t stop me. My family didn’t have a whole lot of money. I had just paid for a ticket that winter break to go to England. I could barely make the money to pay for college and supplies. That didn’t stop me. I was unreasonable and was determined. I asked around for ideas. I knew I didn’t know anyone who could lend me $200.00 or 2 people who could lend me $100.00 bucks…. but what my friends pointed out to me was that I knew 200 people who could give me $1.00. So, I was unreasonable and asked 200 people for a dollar. In the end I got $225.00." I've never thought of it like that.

Maybe I could be unreasonable and ask anyone who reads my post to send me $1.00 to meet the need of $800.00 so that I could move out of the place I'm in right now. It will take $800 for deposits alone. Miracles come a step at a time.

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