Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lupus Day

No, not a lupus celebration day. It is a lupus FLARE day. Woke up with a flare. High fever after fever. Extreme pain. Felt so bad today. Would be so nice if I had someone just to do things for me today. On days like I this I wish I wasn't alone.

I had a visit from my health rep today and we changed companies that come in to help with my cleaning. Big stress reliever. Then I ended up back in bed with another high fever.

While I was in Walmart yesterday buying distilled water for the CPAP machine, another lady was doing the same. She said she had her machine for two years and she feels 100 per cent better. She would fall asleep during the day just talking with someone. Now she has tons of energy. I'm looking forward to when my body catches up to that level. With lupus flares, I wonder how much it can catch up. I'll be thankful to any level!

Accomplishments.....none today. Oh yes, I did have one. I planted some cat grass for Rascal. Have tried to do this for a week now. I use to be able to do so much more. Now it takes every bit of strength I have just to function.

So many take little things for granted. I wish I could do the little things again. I'm thankful when days allow me to do them. When the air finally cools off, hopefully I'll have less flares. Still in the mid 90's here. Miserable. Lord blow those cold winds and send us some much needed rain!

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