Saturday, November 20, 2010

Learning More Every Day

I've always felt my experiences were different. Maybe it is because someone is telling me I'm over reacting or not seeing things clearly. This past week, my personal experiences from being sick and disabled were confirmed as true by someone who sees this on a day to day basis in the world of senior adults.

She shared how their organization to help Seniors had a rough start. Even those in the House and Senate had the same way of thinking as everyone else in the world. As far as seniors and disabled people go, the majority of the population believes their family and church should be responsible to see to their needs, check on them, reach out to help them, visit them, love them. She shared how she told this House Rep how untrue his thinking really was and invited him to visit some of her cases. When the day was over, his entire attitude had changed.

He saw that even though someone may have a family member or two, they don't visit or even call. Churches have no use for members who are not able to attend or cannot afford to tithe. They simply stop the contact. And those who have no family at all simply live day by day in an existence so lonely that it is hard to face the next one.

I never knew God's word taught us to only reach out to those within a church building or to members who give the most money or have family names rooted in history of their town or city. They are referred as "Somebodies."
Jesus never taught us to turn our backs on those who are alone, sick, penniless. So much of our society does just that. The government leads the way. No wonder people tend to walk away from churches or turn the other way when they watch the walk of a Christian whose life does not match the teaching of the Bible. It is quite sad to say most sermons are 90% stories and jokes these days, not teaching from the Bible. No wonder people act the way they do.

Churches build walls around themselves. They raise money to entertain themselves, go on trips, have "teas", and keep out those they think do not belong in their fellowship. Church has become an exclusive club. I wonder if Jesus would be accepted as a member.

When my friend shared her story the other day, a weight lifted off my shoulders. All I experienced over the past few years from church people, those who bully in order to "control" a person trapped in a sick or elderly body, think of you once a year when they call and say, "Someone on our list cancelled. Can we come over and sing Christmas carols to you?" How do you tell them how very insulted you are?! Why would you call me for something like this when I've suffered all year long, when no one visits me in the hospital or call when I return home, when I'm in the ER and I see the pastor walk past my room to visit someone else? Where were you when I was screaming for help to get out of this living situation I'm in...the one where I'm being bullied and have nowhere to go and no money to move? What about the lady who called and left a message about being a part of her group the church formed, some group study? She encouraged and said she would call back. Of course, she never did. My needs are overwhelming and you want to sing Christmas carols? I declined.

This is no longer the story of the "Good Samaritan." You don't have to be lying on the ground wounded and in need of help. Look around you. There is someone not two doors down from you in need of love, understanding and most likely something more substantial.

I believe if you have been blessed with abundance, you should give abundantly, not to a church office so they can throw it away foolishly, but to someone you know is in dire need. If you open your eyes you will see so many people screaming inside, screaming for help. Will you listen?

I've been screaming since May...I pray by December I'll be able to say I have a new home to move into, a place quiet and safe, away from town, a place that does not have someone bulling me because they can. It would take a miracle, but I believe in miracles.

My heart breaks at so many screaming for help, those who promised to help them, and then letting deaf ears fall upon their cries. We all answer for our own actions, or lack thereof, one day. God have mercy on me if I ever turn away from anyone who is in need.

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