Saturday, December 11, 2010


I LOVE cold weather, but it doesn't love me. Two days ago it actually snowed in December. Never recalled that before. Only snow flakes/showers, but it was snow all the same. On Sunday, Sandy and I were in TN at a friend's Life Celebration. She went to sleep and walked into Heaven. Snow was falling heavily there, but none stuck. When I stepped outside and discovered that gift, I just stood there in tears knowing it WAS a gift from God. I felt a kiss from Heaven. A reminder He was in charge and I worried way too much.

So many doors have slammed shut this year. It has been a bad one. I almost feel like I'm standing in a corner just waiting for help to come. The kiss of snow just gave me a little more hope.

If we go to people for help, we'll be let down time and again. I've known this all my life. When I look beyond, He always sends help. I'm looking beyond and praying for that help this Christmas. I don't need things, just someone to care enough to help me.

It has warmed up to the 60's outside today, but another cold front is coming overnight. I'm shivering. Can't afford to turn on the heat. The government has decided NOT to raise Social Security again for two years in a row, and they have decided to cut medicare coverage. Instead of doctor bill increases for me, that means I won't be going as much, less tests I need, and who knows what else. Our town informed us that in February they would raise the cost of electricity AGAIN. I think that makes three times in the past few months now. No mercy. Food has almost doubled in cost. I can't remember the last time I bought clothes or even a pair of shoes.

So it is wrap myself in a blanket because the heat won't be on in this place. Poor Rascal has started sneezing. So have I. December is a hard month for me anyway. With the economy being so bad I just wonder if the Spirit of the season will be able to step beyond spending, going to family gatherings, parties, etc., and remembering those who are alone. It breaks my heart because I know first hand how hard it is. So many take family for granted. Just think about the senior adults who have no one and no one to check on them. Magnified at Christmas.

Sometimes I ask God why my life had to take this turn. But I've learned what it is like on the other side illness. The world isn't a kind place. Maybe one day I could be the voice for those who are alone, sick and left behind.

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