Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Homegoing Celebration

A little over a week ago, a dear friend's wife of 50 years went to sleep and walked into Heaven. They had a Celebration of her life. It was the most beautiful service I've ever attended. There was music she would have loved performed by her sons and a couple of people from the group "The Dill Pickers" from Birmingham. Sharing memories. Special hymns, one I was introduced to and now love, "Hymn of Promise." I could just see Carolyn clapping her hands and singing along. Even though a drive that far in such a short time span (went up Sat. morning and came back Sun. night) was hard on me, it was so worth it just to be a part of her Homegoing and to be there for Mark.

We wandered around Franklin, TN on Sunday because we stayed in a hotel there overnight. I LOVE Franklin. It is a beautiful place. The downtown is what I picture a downtown area should be. The people are friendly. Snow was falling (A BIG plus for me!) How I miss snow. I asked God for snow before we left, but there was none when we arrived. On Sunday morning when my friend, Sandy, and I were loading the car, it was snowing! Didn't stick but the snow showers were heavy. I stood at the car and just wept. I felt God's presence so strong at that moment. It was His way of reminding me HE was in charge and when He closes a door...leave it alone. He has something much better. I felt His kiss in that snow.

I miss my mom, dad, and brother so much. It is very hard to be alone in the world during Christmas. I lost my family by the time I was 35. Now I'm 49 and believe me, you don't get over it. You just learn to live with it. Just seems the loss is magnified this time of year. Since I spent my life taking care of them, I never had the opportunity to marry and have a family of my own. For some reason, God didn't open that door and it is okay. So many people rarely meet a five year anniversary these days unlike Mark and Carolyn's 50 years.

I watched a movie on TV Sunday night. "The Perfect Gift." It was just what I needed to remind me Jesus is still here. He truly was the perfect gift. The song "Emmanuel (you are with me) touched me more than any song in years. I'm still having trouble just finding that recording. I'd wear it out listening to it. What we go through in life shared with the world will touch another. God uses it to fill a need to heal a hurt. This song did just that for me. Thank you, Mark Smeby.

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