Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just wondering

I've been watching the Golden Globes. So many people given so much. I just wonder how many have given back outside of their field, helped others in need outside of their "charities". How many people have they passed by knowing a great need was there. Shrug it off. Justify it with "well I worked for it." How can you justify multimillions of dollars for a movie role? How messed up is this world?

Then I look around the church. I see business men who attend just to make contacts so that they can make more money, women who join to climb the social ladder, stepping on those who don't measure up financially or in their eyes socially because they didn't marry into the right family or wasn't born into the right family. How much to they give back, help others in need outside their charities who pat them on the back. How many people have they passed by knowing a gerat need was there. Shrugged it off. Justify it with "well, I worked for it." Sounds familiar, doesn't it?
How many donate to the church in honor or memory of someone just to see their name in print in the church newsletter because it makes them feel good? What's the difference between them and the celebs? I don't see it.
I thought Christians were suppose to be in the world, not OF the world.

That is why so many people are alone in the world, have no one to reach out to in time of need, lonely, afraid to ask for help. They get more judgement from the church congregation than living in the situation they're in. I remember many days leaving church in tears because that short period of time the people made me feel less of a person, not worthy because I was not in their "social" class, treated like a nobody. I never once felt the spirit of God or love there.

I've learned a great lesson over the years. My faith is not in people, but in God. People have failed many times over. God hasn't. Heaven help me if I see someone who is in great need and I have some way of helping that soul and not doing it. I hope others who read this will do the same.

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  1. Dear Mary,
    I can feel your hurt and disappointment with your community and the christians who go to church for social status. Sadly, God's message has gotten lost or ignored. I have learned, like you, that we can rely on God. He is with us always. I know it is very hard at times but always hold on to your faith. May this year bring you peace and help that you are so deserving of. A belated Happy Birthday and sincere wishes for better health and finding some acceptance and peace.