Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oral Surgery for Friday

Saw the oral surgeon today. Will cost $589.00 to take out the wisdom tooth and the tooth it has grown on top of. There is a cavity in the wisdom tooth and the pain is horrible. So it has to come out.

He was concerned about my aneurysm because he would have to put me under to get the teeth. Even so, he agreed to take them out. I go in Friday at 9:30. As much as I dread this one, I'm tired of being in pain. I've had a flare from the broken tooth for three months. When it came out, the other side continued the flare. I could barely walk today. Even though it takes longer for lupus patients to heal from any surgery, I'm willing to take the chance to lessen the painful flares. It will be nice to extinguish the match that keeps relighting the pain and swelling throughout my body.

I'm still in shock...$589.00. Wow. I should have become a dentist.

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