Thursday, May 19, 2011


There is an opportunity...something so rare! A place where the air is not so humid and the heat will not make me so terribly sick eight months out of the year. The doctors and hospitals are top of the line. The people kinder. The cost of living lower. The opportunity for my self esteem to return. There is an opportunity for me to move to Carroll, IA where my college friend lives.

With opportunities there are always blocks. One block is the cost of moving. Due to my poor health, I can't move belongings in a uhaul. I have one friend who would help me. We simply can't physically do this. We need movers. VERY expensive. We need money for moving.

My friend is finding it hard to locate housing based on income in Carroll. This is very important since the government is threatening to take the only income I have away. The cost of buying a home there is very reasonable. However, an income of $10,000.00 a year does not a good candidate for a loan make. I cannot do this. It would take a miracle to get a home. However, living in another apartment complex is not an option unless it is senior related. I cannot move from one unsafe place to another.

NOTHING is impossible. There are so many miracles just waiting to be had. So many angels walking among us just looking for someone to help. I can only hope for someone to reach out and help me obtain this opportunity.

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