Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of Here

The heat is overwhelming here. I can't breathe. It literally makes me sick. Although some with this horrible disease have a hard time in the winter, I have a hard time in the summer. It has been extremely HOT and humid and severely dry (drought) for a month already and the summer will only get worse. The heat is making me ill.

I stay inside unless I leave to go away from this complex. On Thursday afternoon I had to step outside to tell a bunch of obnoxious kids to stop hanging around my door. One ten year old started yelling at me. Of course I couldn't let it go. I called him down, informed him I was an adult and he would NOT speak to me that way. After I raked him over the coals and taught him some manners, I went back inside. When I sat down, I realized the heat and stress caused chest pains. They went on for hours. This is ridiculous.

I spent two hours in the doctor's office Wednesday. She came in and spent five minutes with me asking what has been going on. I caught her up on the ER. She said, "That's not good." Proceeds to listen to my heart and lungs. Writes on the chart and leaves. I go home swollen from sitting, in pain for two days from the swelling of my joints, and just wishing I had somewhere else to go.

I am still bothered by my hospital information listing my aneurysm in my abdomen and not under my heart. It has been there almost ten years now and has been checked once a year. The growth is on the edge of 5 cm, the size for surgery. Yet, they have it listed in the WRONG Place.

I'm sick of having to correct hospital records.

I need to get out of here before I die.

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