Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Ambulance Service

Dear Ambulance Service

I was thankful for the care your ambulance caregivers gave to me. However, you might want to remind them of three things:

1. When a patient is strapped down to a back board with a neck collar and has a medication list in her purse and cannot get to it, it is better to call the medic alert number on her bracelet that she asked him to call in order to have the medications listed by the time we arrive at the ER especially when she has a long list of medications and a list of other health issues. Otherwise, what was the point of having the Medic Alert bracelet???

2. It is not professional or compassionate to pass your cell phone over the patient to show your co-worker photos of a project you are working on outside the job. I was shocked!! If I could have spoken, I would have told them how very tacky that was.

3. When you wheel a patient into the ER (remember the patient is strapped to a back board and in a neck brace) and waiting on a room, don’t hold the heavy board over the patience’s face and make them sign your sheet. She’s probably in excruciating pain from the car accident she was in. That’s just plain insensitive.

Accidents are hard enough. Illness is bad, too, but when you get two people who are suppose to be on top of your care and they are doing the above, it scares you.

Please make sure someone knows this.


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