Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Heat is here to stay and it appears the extreme drought is also. Only a pop up shower has appeared. It happened last Friday night and lasted ten minutes. No rain for over six weeks. The heat is oppressive. Has been over 100 degrees for over a month. Was 104 degrees last week. Most of my time is trapped inside. When I step out to water my plants, I almost pass out from breathing in the fumes.

My crazy cat begs for me to open the door just a crack so that he can have fresh air. So I accomodate him for a few minutes. I stand there for safety sake. He loves it. I don't. If I don't accomodate, I hear his unnerving siamese meow. He's so bossy. But since Rascal is my one companion, my faithful friend, the only one who has been there for me, non-judgemental through all the struggles I've faced, pain I've endured, tears I've cried, I know he'd do anything to help me if he could. Unlike human beings who tend to do things for others if it benefits them in some way, animals are different. They have that unconditional love God instilled in them. If only man could learn that kind of love.

It gets lonely sometimes without family or friends, but knowing God sent me a crazy, cranky old cat like Rascal helps me get out of bed. On days when I cannot get out of bed, he just curls up beside me and loves his unconditional love. Somehow it makes life a little better. The worry of how I will pay my electric bill isn't as bad. The loneliness isn't as bad. The enduring love is a reminder God is still there.

The heat has trapped me once again, but at least He has given me a fine friend.

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