Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still Suffering

Still suffering from the car accident. Pain in the base of my skull, neck and upper shoulders keep me from sleeping. The severe pain prevents me from turning my head. The pain has caused multiple lupus flares. Prednisone was prescribed for me to get control of the 102 degree fevers caused by the flares caused by the accident. Bills....still coming. Geico should be ashamed of themselves for being so irresponsible. I was just a passenger in a car hit by another. It was the other person's fault. Their insured passenger. The stress from your representative caused more undue problems than I needed. Add it all together. Take responsibility.

I'm still sick. Now add the worry of the government trying to cut Social Security, my only income. So tell do I live? This is not a Political game. This is about people who are suffering. This is not about spending money. This is about a living, and barely one at that.

Mr. Speaker and President, I am so disappointed in you. I watched the Fox News interview this afternoon. It disheartens me to know you are fighting so hard to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social security. Your focus is "on the American people and what is best for them." Mr. Speaker, you are not. I am an American. I was born here. I worked from the time I was 14 yrs. old until an illness stole my physical ability to work. That illness is not covered by any insurance companies because there is no cure for it nor any specific medication designed to treat it. After I was taken to the ER near death, I was forced to make a decision: live or die. I could continue to work and die the next time they brought me in the ER if I was lucky to make it or let the doctor fill out the paperwork for disability. I chose to live. And it has NOT been an easy road.

Now let's look at the pharmaceutical companies. The medications are astronomically priced. For two years I paid ALL of my medical bills and medications. Sent me into bankruptcy. Wiped out all of the savings I had from working. Took my home. I had to use credit cards to pay the $1500 a month medication refills. Medicare Part D was a God send to me. If you cut it, I won't be able to take any of those horribly priced medications. Will you do anything about the pharmaceutical companies? I don't think so.

Will you change any of the insurance companies? If you do, it won't matter because if you cut Social Security, I won't be able to afford to pay a premium. You see, $800 a month only goes so far.
$410.00 for Rent
$80.00 for electricity (I live in the deep south)
$30.00 for gas (hot water heater)
$20.00 for a land line phone (in case I need to call an ambulance) I am housebound. No I don't have a cell phone.
$75.00 for food
$ 25.00 for life insurance policy and Medicare Part D policy
$ 160.00 in medication. - Sometimes more money comes out of food because I have new medications.

If you decide to cut Social Security, HOW do I pay the NEEDS I have above? Any suggestions would be helpful. Keep in mind all of my family has died. I'm alone in the world and have no other person to turn to for help.

What about all of the seniors and disabled in this country who LIVE on Social Security? WE are Americans. Look out for OUR best interests. I am sure you can find a TON of Obama's wasteful spending to cut including the money sent over to other countries. I was always taught to take care of your own first. What happened to that? I was also taught the decisions you make have consequences no matter how big or small. We all answer to those decisions one day. Remember all of the lives that rest on yours.

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