Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Am I Suppose to Do?

Mr. President -

While you and your politicians Play for power, how I am suppose to pay for my rent, electric bill, phone, medication and food on August 3rd? I am not a number. I am a person. I have no family member to run to for help while you play powerful politician instead of doing the job at hand. Why are you holding Social Security and Medicare on a chopping block when you are giving money away to other countries, throwing money away on projects that have no importance to all of the country, and instead will hurt people who have no other way to get medical care, medications, or pay for the bare necessities of life? These are not welfare programs.These are programs I paid into all the years I worked until I became so sick I couldn't work anymore. Where is your heart? Do you hear anymore?

I heard on the news today people are giving money to the woman accused of killing her own baby. But since a jury decided to set her free and since some people decided this jury must know what they are doing and it must be true, they are giving money to this woman to start over while so many people are suffering. People are out of work. Children are going to bed hungry at night. But this woman will have thousands of dollars to start over thanks to those who want to prove a point. Is there any common sense left in this country anymore? Is there any GOOD left?

Please stop playing around and remember we are NOT numbers to cut. We are people. Social Security is not spending money. It is paying for shelter, food, medication, utilities. Please do not put us in a position where we will be out on the streets because you wanted to stand in the limelight.

And if someone can show me there is any good left in the world, please do.

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