Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Happened?

What happened to making a difference in the lives around you? If you have more, more is expected. If you have the means to help someone, make a difference, do it. Makes me sick that there are so many people in the world with opportunities to make a huge difference in this world and they don't take it. What must God think when someone passes judgement on someone instead of buying someone food who is hungry? What must God think when someone needs someone to care about them and guide them and they say "who has the time?" What must God think when people avoid others who are sick and alone? It doesn't cost a dime to smile and hug someone. I love you is free.

What has happened to this world? It seems those who are so abundantly blessed don't want to be a vessel to bless those who need help. They say, "God will help you if you ask Him." Has it occured to them that maybe He sent THEM to help them?

A friend of mine told me the story about her encounter of a lady who was hungry. She didn't look like those at school, was hungry, etc. She showed her love and respect, but the college official told her to stop hanging around her because she was white trash. The friend gave her love and bought her food. Which person do you think God smiled on that day? I wonder if the official would have kicked Jesus off campus that day?

How I wish there were more pure hearts like the friend I spoke of above.

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