Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Relief

Started physical therapy last week. Today was day four. Doing the electrical stimulation, heat, massage. Today did traction to try and rid myself of the nerve damage going down my right arm into wrist and fingers. Hurts! Didn't realize how bad my neck was until I started physical therapy! Could barely move it from side to side. Moving better, but the pain is still there! Will be going for awhile. Did more damage in the accident than I realized.

The heat is still bad here. Getting out during the hottest times and doing it often to go to therapy made me terribly sick this weekend. Was in bed most of it. Still can't function well. Will be so Thankful when this heat has passed on. It will be late October before it goes.

Can't sit here long today. The pain has been awakened from therapy. Heading to a warm shower.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

STILL In Pain!

Doctor run this week. Eye exam. Same old stuff. Still having a hard time reading a book, watching tv, etc. Have to get new glasses. Can't afford to get new glasses. Have to rely on listening for awhile.

Saw a new doctor/old doctor this week. Pain is still as bad as it was when the car accident occurred on June 11th. I'm heading to physical therapy on Tuesday. Praying this will help. If it doesn't, I go for an epidural to ease the pain. Would love to be able to sleep more than two hours a night. I wake up with spasms in my neck and upper back.

The pain has caused lupus flares. Last week had a fever of 101 again. Just makes me feel so overwhelmed. Actually, the past few years feel so overwhelming.