Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chasing Pharmacists

If I EVER win the lottery, or come in to some outrageous amount of money, I will dump all doctors, move to the safest, remote place in the world, and let someone else deal with pharmacies! Last week I called in my prescriptions. Unfortunately, with lupus you have a ton of medications as the illness progresses. Since I fill my pill dispenser once a week (divided by the day, by the week), I didn't notice until tonight that one medication had the wrong doctor on the bottle AGAIN. You see, this pharmacy had once taken the first name of one doctor and the last of another and created a whole new doctor's name just a year ago. Tonight I saw where they had the WRONG doctor's name on one of my meds that I've taken for years. This med has been prescribed by my rheumatologist. Instead, they had the name of a doctor I saw once this past summer for a car accident. Top it off with the fact they had given me half of the prescription.

I call the pharmacy and asked to speak to the pharmacist.

"You sent my refill to the wrong doctor."

"Oh no. This one was on file so we filled it instead. Your other doctor didn't respond to the refill request last week."

" I never had a prescription for this med from this doctor. Besides, you were suppose to get a refill from the doctor who prescribes this med."

"Well, we thought it better to give you some med than nothing. This one was on file by computer."

"Take this doctor's prescriptions off. My rheumatologist has prescribed this med for years. There should be no confusion. Now I have half the medication for the month thanks to your helpfulness."

"Oh it is enough for ten days."

"Why didn't you resend the request? Sometimes your computer requests don't go through. They always respond. In fact, WHY didn't you bother to contact me? You never contact me when a doctor doesn't respond to a refill request."

"You have a prescription so we didn't bother. Would you like me to send another request?"

" should have done this already."

Now I have to call in the morning to make sure this is done, something the pharmacy should have done on their own. Two weeks ago I called my doctor's office to ask for a refill to be called in a week early on my cholesterol medication. I have a thoracic aortic aneurysm (aneurysm growing just below my heart) and the medication is suppose to help it somehow. It being so close to Christmas and this pharmacy having such a bad reputation of not complying with refills, I didn't want to take a chance. I called the office, left a message, and knew they would take care of it. When stopping by on Wednesday to pick up the medication, none was filled. I called the next day.

"Did my doctor's office call in a prescription for my med?"
"Yes, they did on Monday. Oh, would you like us to fill it??"
"Yes, that's why they called it in."

WHY ON EARTH would anyone CHOOSE to be sick? Want to be disabled? Want to have to take these stupid pills??? From the sound of it, the pharmacists have been dipping into their own stash.

And to make matters worse, never ever have I been given an "I'm sorry for the misunderstandings" or an "I'm sorry" in general. Add to it this part: I have to deal with the stress of it all by myself. I can't pick up the phone and ask anyone to take care of this for me because there is no one to do it. I can't pick up the phone and ask someone to listen to me rant and rave because there isn't anyone to listen.

If you are healthy, CELEBRATE! Be thankful for every healthy moment. As the New Year approaches and you can't think of anything to be thankful for, be thankful you don't have to deal with illness, meds, and insane pharmacies!

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