Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I was talking with a neighbor tonight simply by accident. I looked out the window when I saw her crouched down on her knees beside a neighbor's vehicle. Thinking she had fallen, I walked with my trusty cane outside to see if she was okay. Her dog's leash was caught on something underneath the vehicle and she was simply untangling it. We both laughed and I was glad she was not hurt in any way. We stood outside talking. I learned a great deal about the neighbors who lived around me, too much I'm afraid. Sometimes it is best to be ignorant. The one bit of information that always upsets me the most is knowing the person who is in charge of this place has no care of anything or anyone who lives here. What a wonderful opportunity with so many Senior adults here! What a huge opportunity to make a difference in their lives! Instead she is so absorbed in herself that she can't "see past her nose to spite her face..." as my mother always said.

My neighbor is a loving, caring soul. She was blessed ten fold with the compassion so many have lost. It angers her, too, to see so many ignored, those with families who don't take the time to care about their aging parents, those who are alone, sick, who have to call an ambulance to take them to the hospital because their own children don't have the time.

This has become a terribly cold world we live in. No only do neighbors not know each other, they don't care anymore. It is a rare gift to find someone who does. She is a rare gift and I hope somewhere out there in this world tonight there will be another caring soul who will reach out to someone who is alone. I can tell you from first hand experience, Christmas magnifies the loneliness, the deaths of family members, the silence. Time is free. So is love.

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