Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lupus completes the circle

As with any emotional upset, nerve wracking experience, I have a full onset flare. Yesterday I could barely open my eyes from them being swollen shut. My breathing is shallow. My joints are swollen. I've had a fever of 101-102. I'm still shaking all over. Another side affect from the emotional attack from Tuesday. When I say people are literally going to kill me, I mean it. Their hateful, rude attacks are simply setting off flares that do more damage than people are worth.

Oh where is that cabin in the words I so long to find? Where are the night birds and crickets I so long to hear? Where some find solace in friends, I find in peace. When you have a chronic illness, friends don't stay (except on very wonderful exception, my best friend).

Where is that "wall" of a person I need to stand up for me while I am too tired and sick to fight back this time?

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