Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Others' Experience

While in a waiting room yesterday, I found myself talking with a couple who had moved down from KY to be closer to their daughters. Since moving here, the man whom they arranged housing (fixing it up while they lived there in exchange for housing) turned out to be true to the nature of the people of this area. In other words, he didn't keep his word. They are living in a trailer with plywood floors, poorly insulated, a bad water heater that raises their electric bill over $300 a month (without using the air conditioning), and now refuses to pay for any supplies to repair the place per their agreement. The landlord also has other rental property and has tenants in situations begging for help. He, of course, doesn't intend to do anything about it. They used every penny they had to move down here last year and are now stuck. The job opportunity is non-existent. People don't help others in need. They were amazed at how little programs of assistance were available here. Where they lived, auto shop students at the area school volunteered their time and skill to work on cars for those in need. Here, nothing. And people in general just didn't seem to care at all. I heard a lot of regret in their voices, a lot of struggle and pain. They came down here to be close to their daughters and were treated like everyone else in this area. Beaten down, kicked to the curb, life sucked out of them. 

I will never understand why anyone would want to live here. In their situation, they had hope. The area beat it out of them.

I am determined more than ever to find a way to KY before this place takes what is left from my life.

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