Saturday, July 7, 2012

Remembering a GOOD time in my life

You know how you click around on the internet and it leads you to other clicks and that leads you to other clicks, etc? I found an old friend here I looked for years ago, but never found. Thought so highly of her in college even though she was only there a short time. I admired her. She was strong. She was a beautiful person. Believed in herself. Believed in others. Gave you her word and followed through. I never forgot Pamela Shoemaker. She had a big impact on me. I found her online again. What an impressive life she has lived. She is still the strong, beautiful person I remember her to be. There were many times I wish I could have been like her. During that time in my life, my mother was very sick. I was over 700 miles away going to school, feeling guilty knowing she needed me at home. My family never failed to remind me how selfish I was for going to school instead of taking care of her during that difficult time. I think that is why I admired Pamela so much. She had the freedom to do what she wanted to do and the strength to do it.

I found a couple of photos from that time period and wanted to save them here. Those were days of laughter, encouragement, and hope. I smile when I look at the friends who were in my life. I miss them terribly. Am I fighting so hard to save every nickel and dime to move back to Wilmore because I hope to have that kind of life again? Deep down, maybe. Will I get it? Who knows. All I know is here I am alone in the world. Here I am trapped in four walls suffering from an illness that is compounded from my surroundings. Here I am constantly bullied because I am an easy target from walking so slowly with a cane, easy target for crime, which is rampant. Here I have no hope, see one person only a couple of times a week, and turn on the tv just to have human contact and no one should live like this. There are no guarantees in life no matter where you go, but I deserve a chance to find out, to walk outside my door and feel safe, to walk down to the grocery store, or walk to the college and participate in activities as an alumnus.

And I ramble.....I just wanted to share that today I remembered a person who made a difference in my life many years ago because of her strength. 

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