Sunday, August 26, 2012

Coming out of the Darkness

Even though Rascal kept me up all night last night, I feel as though I'm coming out of the darkness. The past few years of my life have been so difficult living in Dothan. Without my best friend, I would not have made it through.

Today I got up with peace. Peace that is overwhelmingly cleansing. One step at a time. I know this. I've taken one step forward ten back way too long. It is time for moving forward. This horrible disease is still attacking me. The stress of the past few years, the stress of the long distance move, the flare that has been so physically painful have all stopped me dead in my tracks this past week. My mind says "Walk all over Wilmore! You are home!" My body says, "NOT YET! You're still healing." 

But a great deal has fallen off my mind. I can dream at night again. I remember my dreams. I have waited so long for this blessing. As each piece of negative destruction falls from my mind, body and soul, healing takes place. Thank you dear God for your love and blessings. Thank you for friends who are loving and kind. Who have helped me in ways I could never imagine. Thank you for reminding me people are still compassionate. I know people are people no matter where you go and I've met a few here with the same attitude, but the kindness, compassion and love far outweigh those with the world's negative, hateful mindset. 

Thank you, God, for all of this would be impossible without you.

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