Tuesday, August 14, 2012


It has been crazy here. Struggle to pack boxes. Just me and Sandy. I guess I'll never understand why people don't offer to help when you literally beg for help. It is the day before loading a UHAUL and I STILL have boxes to pack. I'm exhausted....not the exhausted where you fall into bed from working a full day. This exhaustion feels like being rung out like a wet rag. This is Lupus exhaustion. This morning I woke up with a fever, swollen joints, and very bad pain in my body. I've already started swelling again. My doctor says the swelling is from the illness and from the summer heat combined. She can't give me anything to alleviate it because it would pound hard on my kidneys. So I have to walk around like the Pillsbury doughboy. Oh joy! Just makes me want to wear a sign around my neck that says the following:

"I'M SWOLLEN FROM THE HEAT AND LUPUS. LEAVE ME ALONE!"  Of course, people always think if you are large, it is all fat and it all comes from over eating. Not so. Try taking 20 different medications, fighting a disease like this and not gain weight. I double dog dare you! Add to it the swelling. Let's see how you look in a few years.

I'm numb mentally. I've done everything I can about setting up electricity, phone, etc. from here. The rest has to be done in person. My hot water is gas and has to be done in person. So cold showers on Friday until I can go to Nicholasville to turn on the gas. Still have to transfer the water into my name. Open a bank account in Wilmore. Stock the pantry. All this has to happen on Friday. Businesses are closed on Saturday. 

Should be interesting with Rascal traveling so far. He's never gone anywhere except across town before. I'm not giving him a tranquilizer. I did that with another cat and it took him three days to come out of it. Will just take it as it comes. 

I'm tired....this is my last entry until sometime next week when I get internet again. Hopefully I'll be able to sit up at the desk.

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