Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changing of the Weather...

Today was 69 degrees. LOVE IT! Unfortunately, my body didn't love it. It has rained the past two days and then cold weather set in. For someone with lupus, arthritis, etc., those changes can be very hard. Although I did push on and get out on Monday and today, I have felt the extreme pain throughout my body. Lupus attacks in different areas. This time it attacked my spine and lower back. Has been difficult to walk standing up. Also living in a place with concrete floors covered by a thin carpet hasn't helped the pain. I love my place, but have to find a way to cope with the concrete. Haven't found any slippers that would work. Don't have any throw rugs. Both would probably help.

I was treated to a ride in the country outside Wilmore today. So beautiful! Winding country roads, streams, hills, trees, cows, horses, scenery that just cries out to be painted (if I had the talent to do so). One of the best memories I had of living in Wilmore during my college days was experiencing all three seasons. Fall is knocking at the door. Won't be long before the leaves change. Then winter will sprinkle snow on the ground like a fine coating of sugar sprinkled on a holiday cookie. I want to savor every moment. I want to breathe in every bit of God's beautiful creation. 

I may live in extreme pain day to day, but today I stop to remember that God is much bigger than the weak and feeble body I want to run from, to unzip and climb out of, to be free from the confines systemic lupus has put on my life. 

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