Thursday, September 6, 2012

One room Complete

Many would have unpacked everything by now. I can't do that. Takes so much longer for me to do things because of this stupid disease. As each year passes, it robs me of more strength, more time, more abilities. I'm thankful today. I finally unpacked the boxes in my bedroom. MAJOR task! One more bedroom to go.

Decided to sign up for meds by mail since walking distances were not good for me as of yet. They arrived today. Huge bottles filled for three months. Just made me sick to look at all those meds. I knew I had to take them. I'm thankful for this service, but still would trade places with a healthy person any day. 

My dear sweet cat spent last night walking all over me again. So I slept two hours. Made for a long day today. Tired beyond tired. There is a lupus sufferer who also has a website who shares about the extreme fatigue that goes with systemic lupus. She likens it to a "Spoon Theory". Perfect analogy. Please read the link here:

Today I started with very few spoons. 

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