Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Rain is a PAIN!! For anyone suffering with systemic lupus, I'm sure you know how painful it is when rain sets in. My fingers have swollen so badly that I know this will be a short post. 

This morning I ventured out with Shawnee to the library in Nicholasville. When we arrived back home, I was wiped out. Sad when a disease like this can rob you of strength and life. When I awoke, the rain had already started to set in. 

Being sick also limits my ability to get out and be sociable. Makes for a lonely life. Hard to explain that to someone who hasn't been in those shoes before. Sandy understood because she was with me at the beginning of this stupid illness. I miss her so much. It has been so hard not having her stop by. It scares me to think, "what will I do if I reach the point of needing help??" 

I trust God. He brought me this far. He has always provided every step of the way for my life. He will always be there.

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