Friday, November 2, 2012

Update since My move to Wilmore, KY

 Update since my move to KY:

It is hard to "change lanes" in the 50's of your life, but worth it for me. My stress level has gone down (except for today when I received a water bill of $61.00 - Yikes! They had tagged me as a leak last month, but no one said anything. And yes I have to pay it.). The hardest thing has been financially recovering from the expenses of the move itself. Seems like I can't get one step ahead since.

My new rheumatologist isn't like my old one. He has no personality, but did seem open to helping with the extreme pain I live in day to day. Change of meds. New expense. 

Today I met with my new thoracic aortic surgeon who will keep an eye on my aneurysm. He is wonderful! Never been so pleased! Not only did he spend time to get to know me, my background, what's going on with the aneurysm, inform me of things I should be concerned with I didn't know, but referred me to a new internal medicine doctor.

 Been hard to find a doctor with no referrals coming from home. The only referral I received was from my rheumatologist. The thoracic surgeon back home said I should google someone. Really? No choice. So I did. Checked them out and then prayed about it for a week until I felt God's leading. God couldn't have chosen a better person. He had a concern today so I'm seeing a cardiologist on Wednesday. To prevent a wait, I'm being worked in at 12:30 at Baptist Hospital in Lexington. Would greatly appreciate your prayers. 
Today I learned that someone of my height, 5 '1",  has more concern with an aneurysm 4.7 cm than with someone of 6 ft with a 5 cm aneurysm. He said that is a big risk factor when deciding when to do surgery. Never heard that one before. Also, aortic dissection is a big concern when you've had an aneurysm as long as I have. Aortic dissection occurs when the layers of the aorta tear and separate from each other. Blood leaks everywhere. So add it to the list of 75/25 chance of death if open heart surgery is performed because of systemic lupus. I also learned my 18 years of exposure to second hand smoke (my dad was a chain smoker inside) was not a good thing. So I was told to stay away from second hand smoke and keep my stress level low. Living in Wilmore, it is easier to keep stress level low, unless there is a water leak underneath your apartment and your bill scares the living daylights out of you! ;-)

With all the doctors, hospital tests, illnesses, flares, etc. I've endured over the years, I've learned one thing. You're not going anywhere until it comes your time to leave this earth. So be thankful for each day you open your eyes, able to stand in the shower, get dressed and go about your day. Life is stressful enough as it is. People can make it worse. Just don't be one of those people!

Please keep me in your prayers. Financial expenses look rough this month. Don't have a good winter coat and from the looks of October, will be a necessity (Water leak didn't help). Two more doctor's appointments with co-pays, new meds to fill, hate to see the gas bill - this place has gas heat. Never thought I'd turn on the heat before the end of October. There's a draft in here and if I could ever find it, we'd surely be warmer. As is, we're (Rascal and myself) are wrapped up in blankets during the cold snaps during the day. God has always provided for needs. I'll always stand on that promise.

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