Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ducks and Chickens

Today I had lunch with a friend. While glancing out the window, I saw two ducks waddle by the wall behind the bank. Later on the ducks returned with two chickens. Only in down town Wilmore. 

Tonight I thought about those ducks and chickens. In the animal kingdom there is no judgement. It didn't matter one bit to them whether they joined forces to  partake of the food scattered there. No matter how different the birds were, they were still birds. 

We as people are still people. We hurt, feel happy, struggle, celebrate, have dreams, experience death, and at some point lose our health. Yet it seems our species has lost compassion for each other. It is so much easier to judge the person in front of us than it is to understand what battles they have been through and what battles they continue to fight. It seems few people care about others anymore.

Some people are encouragers. They are few and far between.  I have stumbled upon the ones who sit in judgement. Quite frankly, I'm tired of being judged. I can't shop without someone judging what I put in my cart. I can't choose a menu item at a restaurant without someone passing judgement on the choice I make. I can't speak without someone judging the choice of words I use. So I sit in silence most of the time. This is how I felt today. 

Yet is seems the same ones who are sitting in judgement fail to see their own faults. Magnified before them are the bad choices, poor examples, and terrible words they themselves hide behind as they mow down the person sitting in front of them. It is easier to blame someone else for their short comings than it is to take responsibility for their own actions. They find fault with someone else. They have not encouraged, but discouraged. They have not shown compassion, but have created hurt. And they have not shared love, but have left hate in their path.

(Stress is a bad word for Systemic lupus patients - flares occur when stress of any kind are heaped upon you!)

For the past few weeks it seems I'm in the path of people who want to mow me down with the same judgements. I've always had a "magnet" that draws bad things to them. Just ask my best friend. I don't have to do anything. These things just happen. But for some reason, I just seem to be "entertaining" the judgement crowd. 

I'm tired of it and I'm not going to take it anymore. I believe God wants us to stand up for ourselves so I do. I make sure people realize how they sound, what they are doing, and literally "hold the mirror" in their face. 

It is times like this I appreciate my true friends. These are the people who are encouraging, there to believe in you when you need them, know you are there for them. They guard their words knowing they can be sharp as a two edged sword. Not only can they build you up, but words can tear down the smallest of self esteems when you don't even realize how fragile its existence lies.  I've always believed if you can count true friends on one hand, you're very blessed indeed. 

Many people come into our lives wanting you to tell everything about yourself and if they grow tired of you, they can just walk away. That is why I listen more than share. Friendship is a gift to be earned and when it is earned, it lasts a lifetime. It is a treasure to be cherished, not one to be thrown away like a child throws away a forgotten toy.

I think this is why I love animals so much. They don't yell at you because you are different from them. They accept you just as you are and love you for it. People could learn a hard lesson from God's creatures. Those ducks and chickens made me laugh today, but they also reminded me how non-judgemental the animal kingdom can be.


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