Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Started out as a bad week....

Has been sprinkled with hope and renewal. Yesterday I was literally bullied because of the way I saw church and how I believed selecting a church was more than going by the list of activities they provided. To me going to church would be to worship God. Period. Isn't that why church was created in the first place? The modern day "church" has turned into a place where "Christians" go for entertainment and close the world out. Many have become places of "Feel Good" sermons just to get their numbers up. Many are selective in whom they consider worthy of their membership (been there, done that). Many sit in judgement in ways that turn people away from God and in turn away from the church itself. 

I simply want to attend a church that preaches straight from God's word and worships Him. No bells and whistles. No long lists of activities. No "feel good" sermons that leaves out the guidance and knowledge He intends for us to know in our journey. It has almost become a blur to determine what a church believes and what the Bible says anymore. Until I find that simple church, I will continue to worship God at home. It does not change my strong faith in Him, my service to Him or my life devoted to Him. It is simply my choice. 

When I shared this earlier this week, I was literally bullied because I did not choose to join a church. I was judged harshly and beaten down because of it. The person did not know what kind of pain, suffering or life I've already gone through to reach point in life I've come to, but decided to "scold" me, as she put it, instead. And, as I have done in the past, I let it get me angry. 

After God and I had a long talk, with bouts of screaming and crying inbetween, He instilled His peace in me, forgave the anger I felt and assured me He was still there and would always be there for me now and forever. He reminded me there are people in this world who need the church's entertainment, "feel good" ministry, just to keep them going. I don't know her journey either. However, I wanted to shake her and tell her not to judge me, but realized it would not have mattered at that point what I would have said. It was her way or the highway. 

Every person on this earth has an opinion. I've encountered quite a few in my lifetime. When I reach the point I can let the bad ones go in one ear and out the other, then I feel as so I will have grown. I'm not quite there yet. My heart still gets broken. I still cry. I still scream and ask God why some of the meanest people I've met have come from the church. He always reminds me not all of the people who go to church are His. 

He gave me hope. So has my friend, Amy. She did something not only to make a difference in my life, but to remind me there are a few people out there who really do care. For her and all the ones who responded, I am forever grateful. With the government being in such disarray, spending cuts chopping this and that, it brings great fear as to what I'll do just to make ends meet each month. The government doesn't give thought to the affects it has on the lives of individuals. They just want to play politics, keep spending their wasteful spending, and cut the ones who cannot fight back. 

I know it is only Wednesday, but I am thankful for the time God has given me to be thankful for friends. He has blessed me with great reminders this week that there are people in this world who do care. I am thankful to be able to turn my heat on and not shiver as the cold temps start to plummet once again in Wilmore. The next week or so will be bitter cold. I am thankful for kindness, compassion and even the reminder lesson God gave to me this week. Always remember to turn to Him for wisdom. People may push you in one direction, but it isn't always the right one. Stand up for what you believe. Never waiver. God stands with you. 

He also heals the broken hearted spirit.       

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