Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Cold Rainy Day

It is a cold, rainy Sunday in Wilmore, KY. With the weather comes painful, swollen joints thanks to systemic lupus. Before the worst of the weather set in, I was able to get some good sleep in this morning. Much needed since insomnia has been a bad side affect from two weeks of flares.

I am amazed at how one day can be so different from another. Yesterday was warmer with sunshine. I was able to wear a long sleeve shirt and feel comfortable outside. Today it is cold and miserable. We're due to get snow tonight and tomorrow. A few moments ago there was a loud clap of thunder and bright flash of lightening.

Spring is hidden in there somewhere. Flowers are blooming. Rain is falling. Thunder and lightening are making their presence known with a vengeance. Just because we cannot see it day to day just yet doesn't mean it isn't there. The same goes with God. Just because we cannot see Him doesn't mean He isn't there. He is.

Poor Rascal. He hates loud noises. Bad weather. Before we moved to Wilmore, he would hide under the bed when it rained. And if it thundered, you wouldn't see him for hours. Since the area where we lived was so obnoxiously loud with booming cars, rude people, loud stereos, etc., we were both sensitive to our surroundings. I found out that having systemic lupus made me more sensitive to the noises which, in turn, made me physically ill from them.

Since we've be in Wilmore, the sound of rain doesn't both Rascal. Only the sound of thunder. Today's melody sent him scurrying as close to me as he could get. He's still attached to my right side as I type this entry. He knows I'll protect him first before protecting myself.

Same way with God. He loves us so much that He will protect and love us the same way if we ask Him to do so. Many times we just don't ask.

So many people ask why God allow people to die or have bad things happen to them. The truth is we can thank Adam and Eve for choosing to sin in the garden of Eden. Satan gained a foothold on earth and now our earth is not the paradise God designed it to be. When He sent Jesus to earth to be our "second chance," Satan lost some power. We have a choice.

Did you know God created this earth as a paradise and then put Adam and Eve in it to live forever? All of their descendants were to live in a perfect world. Their choice to sin brought death and evil into it. It wasn't God. Thank Satan. That horrible fallen self absorbed Angel who wanted to be as powerful as God and got his butt kicked out of Heaven along with his followers.

We now live in a fractured world. All because of choices. Our society teaches no matter what you do, it isn't your fault. The truth is your choices are important. If you want to know what happens at the end, read Revelation. It isn't the end of the world. It is the beginning of a new one.

The government is now trying to spend more tax dollars to "control the environment." Good luck. They say we are destroying the world. The truth is we live in a fractured world. Thank sin. In the end, the government cannot save you. They are not responsible for your choices. They will not stand between you and the storms. But God will.

I can only imagine what that Garden must have looked like, what it was like for God to come down on the Sabbath and walk with Adam and Eve and enjoy their time together face to face. Heaven is only a fraction of that Garden.

We all suffer loss in our lives. We all suffer physically, financially, emotionally. I'm thankful to have peace in my heart, the peace that truly does go beyond all understanding in this world. Without it, I would not be here.


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