Sunday, March 17, 2013

And the Rains Came...

I knew the rain was coming due to the pain setting in my lupus destroyed body. By Friday, I was in so much pain that it hurt to chew. But I enjoyed going out with my friends and the fellowship we shared together. It was far better medicine than those horrible pills I have to take on a daily basis.

Even though the sun was shining and the temps warmed up on Saturday, the lupus flare had already set in for me. Actually, it had set in earlier in the week and by Saturday it had grown worse. Fevers rose to 102 degrees, broke and rose again. The most horrible pain has set into my right hand and wrist. Nothing has subsided this pain, not even Bengay's instant pain relief!

Today I wish I was left handed. Everything I pick up feels like I'm lifting a barbell. My hand buckles and the item falls to the floor. Even when I'm resting, the pain aches in my hand and wrist as a reminder of the odd places lupus attacks.

Earlier in the week the old dreaded monster attacked my body with lupus sores. They seem to be healing some. Now fevers, body pain, swelling, and reminders of how bad it feels to be sick.

The northern part of the state is due to have snow. I'd rather have the snow. It doesn't hurt as much as the rain. Spring officially starts this week. With it comes more rain. For me this means more lupus flares and more pain.

I couldn't move well yesterday. Today I can sit up on the sofa. I can type one handed (left handed) one key at a time. Progress! In a few moments I'll pull out my shower chair and sit underneath the embrace of a warm shower.

Small miracles for me. I'm thankful for them.


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