Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter and Family

Most people will gather with family tomorrow. I think of mine this time of year and miss them so much. It has been 28 years since my mother died, 19 years since my only brother died, and 17 years since my dad died.

It has always been a tradition with me of putting flowers on their graves before Thanksgiving and Easter. I miss doing this. However, my best friend in all the world, Sandy, has taken up the tradition for me. She drove to Old Center grave yard on Thursday afternoon to put out flowers. She called on her way there and "included me" as she put them out. I could almost feel the cool breeze that blows on that old hill.

My mother always made ham and homemade potato salad on Easter. My brother and I went to church together before coming home to dinner. We always had Sunday dinner together. No matter how many years pass, I can close my eyes and remember the smells of that kitchen.

I miss them so much. There is no one left now. Just me. Holidays are the hardest times to be alone. The sadness just magnifies. But I have those fragments of memories to hold onto and cherish.

I will sit down to dinner with someone Else's family tomorrow, but my heart will go back to years past when my family gathered on Easter Sunday.

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