Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

It is 30 degrees right now. Listening to the local weather report tonight, they predict the temps in the teens Thursday night. Next week the rain will return with a chance of snow mid week.

And where is Rascal? Stuck to my leg. He has been in my lap, attached to one leg, sleeping as closely as he can get for body heat today. We walked outside to feed the birds today and the crazy cat liked eating grass. I didn't mind him enjoying the grass. I did, however, hate the cold wind cutting through my painful body. Didn't seem to bother him.

The weather sent me into a very bad systemic lupus flare last week. I started to feel better yesterday, but the cold air blew back in and pulled the rug out from under me. Today has been a very bad day. My health has gone downhill so fast.

Hate I still have to use the heat. It is always a juggle where finances are concerned: food, medicine or heat. I never wore sweatshirts in Dothan because we barely got that cold very often. I did wear sweatpants more. Here in Wilmore I find myself wearing sweats and sweaters more. If I had sweatshirts, I'd wear them, too.

Speaking of Dothan, my best friend told me the Azalea Trail is this weekend. They usually plan it about the time the azaleas fall off the bushes and the dogwood trees lose their blossoms. Well the azaleas are blooming, but the dogwoods have no blooms. They are due to have rain for the next few days so there is still time for the blooms to fall from the bushes. Tradition is everything. I once lived on the trail. Hated it. Had to rake all of the fallen leaves from the fall and winter, clean the front yard from the old townhouse, and make sure the front porch (et) was in place. When my health started to decline, I had to beg for help because I couldn't afford to hire someone. Then on Sunday a trail of cars would drive by for over two hours blocking the in and out of getting home. The cats loved it. They would sit in the upstairs window and watch the cars drive by.

Azalea trail is more entertainment for the rich and affluent.

Speaking of Dothan, a well known citizen and businessman in Dothan was arrested for prostitution today. He is also a member of the church I attended. His parents are, too. This is the same church that accepts and honors people for what role they serve in society. If you did not come from an affluent family, are not wealthy, not prominent citizen, etc., you are a nobody and treated as such. This was my experience when I worked there and as a member. One of their prominent, affluent, wealthy members was arrested today for prostitution. I guess their scale of judgement doesn't matter after all.

I'm still trying to recover from all the scars I received from this place - town, churches, etc. I'm so glad my faith is not in people, but is in the one true God.

Rambling.....Better go check on Buddy. It is going to be very cold tonight. I washed his blankets yesterday and he isn't quite sure about sleeping on them yet. Sprinkled some catnip on them awhile ago and hope that helps him snuggle back into his little hideaway. Wish I could afford to get him an enclosed house instead of that old box.


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