Tuesday, March 26, 2013

He's Singing in the Snow!

While I'm writing this post, Rascal is beating on the back door and "singing" his "Let me out!" song. I let him out earlier when I cleaned out the bird feeder from snow. He wasn't happy that the white stuff was still falling. So he yelled at me again.

"Turn it off! Make it go away!"

Of course, I couldn't turn it off. I couldn't make it go away. Nor would I want to. Snow is my favorite!

But he doesn't understand. He just wants it to go away. He wants to go outside and eat grass. He wants what he wants. Don't we all!  I want to be healthy again. I want my pain to go away. I want to feel my feet and legs again! Sometimes you just don't get what you want.

Rascal reminds me of a two year old spoiled rotten child trapped in a furry body. He throws tantrums. He screams and cries until he wears himself out. If you get loud, he gets loud. Then when you get up and make him walk away from the door, he stops. He realizes he won't get his way today.

Sometimes we have to "hit the wall" so to speak before we learn we're not going to get our way. We run and run and run before that wall jumps in front of us. Bam! Lying on the ground, we wonder how on earth we ended up there.

Maybe we should have realized somewhere earlier in the journey we took a turn down the "I want it my way or else" road. We refused to look any other way but our way. When we do this, we tend to run in the dark. When we run in the dark, we hit a brick wall.

I've hit many in my life. Unfortunately, I've hit the same brick walls over and over again before I finally learned the necessary lessons. Each day is filled with new lessons to learn. I just seem to learn them the hard way. I have the bumps and bruises to show for it.

Poor Rascal! He's stuck in his terrible twos. He will never understand. He will always keep beating on the door and demanding to get out when it rains or snows.

 Some people are stuck the same way. They never learn the lessons they need to in order to progress to the next stage. I wonder if that is why this world is filled with so many who blame others for their own actions instead of taking responsibility for them.

Rascal is a cat. He has no excuse. He will always repeat the same actions. That's just the way he is. I'll love him no matter how much he drives me crazy at times. 

As for people, we have to answer for what we do or don't do for each day we are granted.  A thought that has wandered through my mind has been this: What must God think when we know someone is in need and we don't do anything to help them?

It is is easy to explain away how that person is probably using the help for something else like alcohol or drugs, but we don't know what is going on in his/her life. You can come up with hundreds of reasons not to help, but won't you be held accountable for what you didn't do for someone in time of need? What if that role were switched. Would you want someone judging you in the same way?

 Once you help someone, it becomes their responsibility with what they do with it. It isn't our job to judge anyone. We are suppose to love them. With love comes help in time of need. I can't see Jesus going down a checklist to see if a person qualified for help if they were hungry or need of shelter. We shouldn't be this way either. It is bad enough churches do this.

Snow showers are still coming in waves. So beautiful and still. With them the cold temperatures are dropping again. Will be 29 degrees tonight. It will be in the 50's by Easter Sunday. I've not experienced a cold start to Spring since my college days in the early 80's. It is nice yet physically painful.

As I sat in my Tuesday morning Bible study this morning, I looked out the window watching the snow showers remembering how still and quiet the world can be. One year ago I was living in a stressful, harassing situation. I had a hard time just finding the will to live.

Even though the pain is extreme today from systemic lupus, it has been very hard to walk, to sit up, to hold a pen, my heart is at peace. Even though I am still having a hard time making ends meet, I live in a quiet apartment. I am thankful.


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