Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Laundry, Bad Bed, and Just Venting !

Since my move to Wilmore, I've had problems with my washer and dryer. On Monday my apartment looked like a tent city! (Yes I have a clothesline. It was raining on Monday. It is also very difficult to take all of the laundry to the yard when one hand controls and cane and two legs don't work).The washing machine wouldn't wring out the wash no matter how many times I ran it through and when it came time to put it through the dryer, well, let's just say the dryer decided to laugh at me when I opened the door.

The washing machine has been showing signs of slow death for awhile now. A friend "fixed" it a few months ago but said it may not last. What he didn't know was the problem was contagious and the dryer was waiting for its turn to crash as well.

I've seen those commercials for the "add this attachment to your vacuum cleaner and suck out the lint. Your dryer will work better!" I also read the feedback where it doesn't work. Someone suggested taking a paper towel roll and attaching it to the end of your dryer and using it the same way. It seemed to work well. I washed the link filter. Yet that evil dryer laughed at me under its cold dry breath.

So every inch of my livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom had clothing hanging from it. It looked like a bad episode of "I Love Lucy!"

While I'm "VENTING," let's vent about my bad mattress. It was so wonderful when I picked it out. Best back support. Didn't think I'd ever have to get another mattress again. Then during my move, one of the side springs sprung and now sticks out so badly I can barely walk around it. There are so many dips in the mattress I find myself falling into wells of unwanted territory or sliding on the edge of disaster. Early one morning I almost hit the floor before I caught myself from falling. You can only turn it so many times.

I am certain this torcher chamber has not helped in the further damage of my spine and back. Your bed can help or hurt you - this is for sure. You find that out when yours "goes south for the winter."

I have a spare bed. It was dad's bed. The mattress and box spring are twenty one years old. I've tried several times sleeping on it, but the weakness of the mattress does not support the pain I find myself in now that my spine has more damage.

So if I can "Vent," I'm allowed to dream, too.

If I won Publisher's Clearing House, these are the first things I'd purchase. They are not frivilous, they are needs. And yes, it would take me winning this dumb contest to be able to get them. Until then, I will be thankful for the washing machine I have, the dryer that laughs at me, and the fact I DO have a bed to sleep on. Many do not have any of these things.

A Stack Washer and Dryer - I don't have much room


And a GOOD FIRM Mattress and box spring:


With a frame to put it on:


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