Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sitting On Hold

I'm sitting on hold waiting for the phone company to answer. Do they really think we're interested in their constant prattle of advertisement? Quite frankly what they have to say turns me off. I would never purchase anything they advertise while I'm having to wait and wait and wait. I just pray I'll get a knowledgeable  person on the other end of the line. Just what I needed...MORE stress! Mix with extremely cold temps, lack of sleep and you get an instant lupus flare. 

My neighbors have been banging around next door. Door slams have woken me up early for the past few days. What on earth are they doing over there??? You'd think with a stone block wall the sound wouldn't carry so much, but it does. How I wish I had a house of my own

Seems birds are the theme of my posts lately. When I woke up this morning, I coaxed Rascal outside to get some grass and to step in the scattered snowfall. Stepping back inside for a second to pick up my camera, when I opened the door a black and white streak nearly knocked me down flying through the kitchen. I didn't know he could still run that fast. Turns out my neighbor came outside and spoke to him. Rascal isn't very social and didn't know him. He didn't take it very well. 

Luckily the flurry of activity didn't chase off the beautiful robin bouncing through the scattered snow on the ground. No matter how cold it is, the amount of snow, or how those winds howl, robins and cardinals have already shown up for Spring. It is their time to celebrate a whole new season. They don't seem to let the cold stop their party. Yesterday my front yard was full of cardinals - both male and female and babies galore. Today I saw robins. They refuse to let the cold tell them they are wrong about Spring and endure until flowers appear, warmth bathes the earth, and sweet release comes again. 

When bad weather claims homes, lives and devastates miles of land, we are quick to label it an "act of God." But when the seasons bring beauty of flowers, birds, and warmth, we simply don't give Him credit. God doesn't cause the devastation that takes lives when bad weather hits. This world has become deranged by evil. God intended it to be a garden, a beauty of garden of Eden. Evil ruined it and has been ruining it ever since. But He reminds us He is still with us when the bad things come. His hand is in the flowers, birds, and seasons. When I see the first robin or cardinal of Spring, I know God gave them the instinct to know it is time. 

By the way, I stopped waiting. I gave up "sitting on hold." It was time.  

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