Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snowy Day

Awoke to a beautiful masterpiece of white snow! So glad the rain is gone. Was a painful day yesterday. Amazing how weather can hold down someone with a chronic illness. 

But the pain was still present today. I took pain medication the doctor discontinued from my list. It helped me rest last night by easing the pain more than my current medication. This time I paid for it

My heart has fluttered non-stop all day. My body has been shaking so badly that I could not rest at all. The intense itching has nearly driven me crazy. NOW I know where those previous side affects came from! My former rheumatologist just didn't know what was causing them. I know now - tramadol! 

Put that bottle away for good. 

When you have to take so many medications - for me it is twenty bottles - you encounter a lot of side affects. Believe me, they are not fun! 90% of what I take cause weight gain. Try explaining that to someone who just doesn't get it! I've reached the point I'm tired to trying!

How did I get on this subject? Lupus brain fog! 

Today I awoke to a beautiful work of art - Thank you, God for the pristine snow. 


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