Monday, March 11, 2013


Less stress is best! I remember this from my rheumatologist when I was first diagnosed. I have learned this the hard way over the past now eighteen years. Today I am STRESSED! I had to order medication refills and the cost was astronomical! GEESH!

Instead of Obama wanting to take money away from Medicare and putting it toward Obamacare (as was reported today in the news) causing more stress, why doesn't he pass a law that regulates the cost of medications keeping people alive! He and all of Congress will never know how extremely hard it is to struggle with this dilemma each and every month. They will never have to make a choice: food, utilities, medication. I had no choice today. I HAD to fill my meds because I neglected them far too long. I cut pills in half for a long time now. I couldn't cut anymore.

Sometimes I'd like to send all of my medical bills, prescription bills, refills, etc. to the President and every congressman and tell them if they really cared, DO something so that I could LIVE instead of worry myself to death - LITERALLY!

I fear the day when I cannot think and act for myself and that day is coming. Who will make decisions for me then? I have no family. Where will I live? What will happen to me? I worry just like any other person in this world. I just don't have that security of knowing there is someone to fall back on in times of dire need.

In April, I have three doctor's appointments - THREE!! I just hope medicare will cover most of them and the percentage that won't be covered won't push me over the edge once more.

Tonight I am tired, stressed, can't sleep and worried. I know worry is a waste of time and energy because God always takes care of me. But today I am weak and worn.

And I need to know someone cares....

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