Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today I Wrote

Had not been to the Writer's group in several weeks due to illness, another friend who didn't seem to have time except during my scheduled activity with the writer's group, etc.

But today I went. I felt humbled to listen to these ladies read about their grief, life experience, childhood laughter. How I wish I could recall something good from my past! 

I had printed out two items from my lupus journal, but felt ashamed to read them because they were so depressing. So I didn't read them. I was the only person there not sharing. 

Our ten minute spontaneous writing - I wrote about my brother's surgery to remove the kidney stone that revealed his cancer. I'll post it later. He has been on my mind and heart so much the past week. How I miss him terribly! 

This week I will search for something good deep down in my memory. If it takes pulling out old photos to stir something, I will do it. There has to be something good among the mounds of hurt, grief, open cuts and scars blocking my memory. 


Today I just need to know one person cares. It is one of those days.     

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