Saturday, March 2, 2013

Touched By Love

Yesterday I ran across a movie entitled, "Touched by Love." It was produced in 1980. Wish I knew it was on sooner. I came in mid way. Luckily I was able to catch up to the meaning behind the movie very quickly.

It was about a young nurse who becomes determined to reach an unresponsive teenage cerebral palsy patient by encouraging her to write to her favorite rock singer, Elvis Presley.When the young girl agrees to do so, she is in for quite a surprise when Elvis not only writes back, but continues to his correspondence with letters, cards, gifts and encouragement. They became pen pals. The joy and happiness it brings to the young lady is so inspiring! It made such a wonderful difference in her life, those who cared for her and I hope somehow made a difference in his as well. 

 I think about those in the "celebrity world" today. What a wonderful opportunity they have to make a difference in the lives around them just by touching a life with kindness! I'm not talking about giving a person the opportunity to meet them once and then walking away. I'm talking about really saying "I care," show it, and mean it. Elvis did this as depicted in this film.  He went beyond a "hello, nice to meet you" and moved on. 

I remember my opportunity to meet Kevin Spacey. How exciting it was fourteen years ago. He was so kind and went out of his way to make that happen for me. Yet I had to physically endure two trips to NY, severe lupus flares both trips, expenses, heat exhaustion, etc. for fifteen minutes of spending time with him. When I arrived home after meeting Kevin, I was sick in bed for three weeks. Spent a night in the ER. Was in the hospital for two days. I wonder if Kevin realizes what I went through just to make that fifteen minutes in my life happen?

It would be a kinder, more exciting world if celebrities, who have more resources, more opportunities, more more more to make a difference in the lives around them (excluding the lives they hob nob with every day). They learn a great lesson from Elvis by sharing their hearts and showing compassion. Doesn't cost a dime to do this.  

I felt like Karen, the girl with cerebral palsy, in the movie. All she wanted was someone to care. She found that in Elvis' kindness. He wasn't too busy or too big for his britches to take time for someone who needed to know he cared.  

Perhaps some celebrity will read this post and take it to heart.  
 I loved the dedication for the film:

This film is dedicated to Lena for her gift of love and conviction... To Karen for courage and determination... And, above all, to all the Karens everywhere who may need a friend to say "I care"... a friend like you.

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