Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome March - Thanks for the SNOW!

I LOVE snow! Anyone who knows me knows I'm like a kid when it snows. When it rains, it physically hurts every joint in my body - thank you, lupus! But when it snows, it doesn't hurt as much.

 I can't make a snowman or sled or even get out and walk in it anymore, but I LOVE to watch it fall, accumulate into the most beautiful reminder that God is the greatest artist ever. Every season He reminds us of His great work. 

Even though Spring is upon us, the snow is still sneaking around the corner in Wilmore. White flakes have fallen since Friday bringing a big smile to my face with a little sinking feeling because they just couldn't seem to stick. Before I went to bed Saturday night, I turned on the back porch light to see if they were still falling. I thanked God for the beauty in the fall white flakes that brought such joy to me the past few days. 

My crazy cat, Rascal, woke me up at 5:00 a.m. Sunday morning wanting to be fed. So when I fed Rascal, I fed Buddy outside. I've created a big box "house" with nice warm blankets inside with a circular hole for him to crawl into so that the walls surround and protect him from the wind. Since he's so stubborn, he seems to be happy with the box. Stepped outside, fed Buddy, no snow. Went back to bed.

When I woke up later Sunday morning, I realized how bright it was and just thought the sun had finally chased away my snow clouds. When I glanced out the window, I saw the most beautiful snow blanketing the ground! God sent me a gift! I was so excited and had no one to tell. So I told Rascal. Of course, he looked at me like I was crazy. 

When I went outside to put bird seed in the feeder, a dove was sitting in it. I backed up and decided to wait until the dove left on his own. After Rascal sang his annoying Siamese solo (he's a tuxedo cat with part siamese mixed in) of "let me out let me out!" in the kitchen, I looked out to make sure the dove had flown away before deciding to give Rascal what he wanted and filling the feeder with fresh seed so that the birds would find food on a cold snowy day. I had not taken three steps before I saw Rascal sitting on his hind legs beating on the back door screaming, "Let me in, let me in!" He had not taken a step off the porch. 

You can imagine the cat conversation for the next thirty minutes. "How dare you take me out in that cold WHITE stuff again! Get rid of it! I want my grass!" He had plenty to say. He doesn't like snow and isn't afraid to let me know. 

So I'm still left with no one to tell I LOVE snow! So I tell God THANK YOU for the beautiful white pristine snow that stills my soul and reminds me how You forgive me for every sin I so mindlessly commit in my daily life. I thank you for the small and big blessings you send my way that make me laugh, smile, meet my needs, heal my deep hurts, ease the extreme pain I live with every moment of my life. 

Thank you for SNOW! The weather guy said we're due to have more Tuesday night and Wednesday. I HOPE it sticks! More of a reminder that God cares for even the smallest of prayers.     

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